DJ Mark DiVita is known throughout the Bay Area as a go to DJ for soulful, sexy and fun events. Each event is curated to bring together music lovers of all races and genres to share a vibe. A favorite of the ladies because of his eclectic and sexy sounds Mark has let it be known he is a True Skool Hip Hop edutainer that has grown and matured with hip-hop music since 1986 when he dove into the hip-hop culture as a grade schooler.

In The Studio

When not behind the wheels in the Bay Area, being a father & husband or in his Design Studio Mark is on the road DJing and Road Managing. Since 2006 Mark has been a reliable source and partner to Hip-Hop legends Camp Lo (Luchini aka This Is It). From Agent to A&R to road manager to DJ, Mark has helped pave a path for Camp Lo to continue to innovate like only they can. SE6 Records Artists (Charles Herron, Tharius Moore and Spaztik MC) are also major parts of Mark’s musical vision. His SE6 Records is distributed by Empire and boosts quality True School Hip-Hop vibes. Mark can be found at his residencies inside JUICY 3rd Fridays at JohnColins in San Francisco and Have Fun First Fridays at Southside. He is also a regular at The Love Dealers Party inside Parliament (Oakland), SXSW Tech & Music Felstivals, Ankh Marketing’s Live Events, Lukas Tap Room (Smoove/Oakland), Nick’s 80’s/90’s Taco Nights at Rouge (San Francisco) and Motown On Mondays (Oakland). Around the country Mark is well known by Those That Do, a phrase for those in the know that carry on the tradition of True School Hip-Hop vibes and culture.

Behind The Wheels

A typical DJ set by Mark Di Vita will contain 80’s and 90’s hip-hop, Soulful House, Reggae , classic 80’s and soul blended to perfection with album cuts, current Urban/Top 40 club elements and the key ingredient; Love. The blend of music guarantees eclectic fun crowds and has given Mark a reputation as a taste maker and trendsetter in the DJ community. Mark uses his mic skills to heighten the energy of his sets and to keep things sparklin’ in any club or lounge atmosphere. His trademark “Babys” and “Aiiights” are fixtures whenever he is on the wheels. Much like the hip-hop music and icons of the mid 80’s and 90’s that inspired Mark’s vision, the SinceEighty6 founder hopes to inspire and innovate. Mark’s goal as a DJ is to provide a soulful classic, timeless feel, to whatever event he spins in hopes of filling your soul with emotion and joy through the music that he hopes will bring back memories from your youth as well as new and long lasting memories.


Love is the Movement!

From Oakland to Brooklyn

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